Dr. Wentia Ford M.S, MPAS, Ph.D., PA-C Founder

Dr. Wentia Ford

I was born into a rich legacy of Bahamian athletes who have blazed trails across the athletic landscape of our country’s history. The Ford family name has become synonymous with excellence in athleticism and achievement and an unwavering commitment to serving our community. My father, Wenty Ford, set the benchmark that we all now aspire to attain. The Wenty Ford Foundation seeks to create opportunities for young Bahamian student-athletes to excel in areas of sports, academics, and community involvement. This prospectus gives you an overview of an organization, our goals, objectives, and ways we are looking to impact the Bahamian Community.

I was 3 years old when my dad lost his life in a tragic car accident. I never got a chance to know him, but throughout my life my name, Wentia Ford, has inspired persons from all walks of life to recall their stories of how my father has positively impacted their lives. He was truly ahead of his time.

Wenty Ford was a man who was committed to the betterment of the Bahamas. He was not just satisfied to make history as the first Bahamian to pitch in a major league baseball game. Instead, he also used his platform to seek out ways to uplift others and that is why I felt it was my responsibility to pay it forward. The Wenty Ford Sports Foundation is not the establishment of an idea; it’s a continuation of a lifestyle of high excellence and service displayed by my father. Each student-athlete that is impacted by our foundation will experience the true joy, growth, maturity, success, and fulfillment that come only from truly reaching your highest potential both on the sports field and in life. My father tried his best to inspire those around him every day to do the same, and it is his heart’s intention that now informs the work that we seek to do as a foundation.

Creating the framework of this organization has been a work in progress for many years. It was very important for us to pay deliberate attention because the success of our impact in the community can only be maximized if we are powered by persons and partners who find common ground with our core intention of wanting to make a difference. In reading through this proposal, we hope you identify ways that you can assist us in forwarding this important work and cultivating an overall culture of excellence and service.

The process of creating this foundation has allowed me to know my father in a way that I never have. With each story, article, and accolade, I find myself more and more turning to the light and wanting to reach just a bit higher, be just a bit better, and give just a bit more. The gratitude that I feel for this amazing gift is immeasurable. It is my prayer that this foundation and my father’s legacy continue to inspire generations of Bahamians to excellence.



Dr. Wentia Ford M.S, MPAS, Ph.D., PA-C Founder & President

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