Inspiring our youth through education and sports

“Our initiatives create a foundation for lifelong success and community enrichment.”

With the Wenty Ford Sports Foundation's community programs, we aim to empower the youth with the tools they need to excel in various aspects of life while also cultivating a strong sense of social responsibility. By combining sports, education, leadership, and community engagement, we create a well-rounded approach that prepares them for a future filled with success and meaningful contributions to society.

Our programs include:

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Academic Development
kids sitting
Youth Sports Development
A man with kids baseball team
Building Leadership
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Community Development & Service


The Wenty Ford Foundation stands at the threshold of what we hope becomes the benchmark for active youth development in the Bahamas. We are setting out to transform lives for the better, and our strategic partnerships and alliances are paramount in helping us to achieve this goal. I’d be happy to meet with you and the members of your team to answer any questions you may have in these regards and to see how we can establish mutual interest.

Join the journey of empowerment today! Take action and contact us now to shape a brighter future.

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